English Language Rebus Phrase Shorthand Domain Names

English Premium Rebus Shorthand .com Domain Names
English Language Rebus Phrase Shorthand Domain Names

These English Language Rebus phrase shorthand domain names are included in the portfolio. In some cases, domain names that fall into this group are not listed on this page. A .Com, or .Net, or different spellings of a word might be a common example. Check for more on the portfolio page.

Rebus: A representation of words with letter names, or symbols that suggest the sound of the words. Rebus has been used in English since 1605. Popular in autograph books and on vanity license plates.

(Source: theWeek.com)

Fitting your name or brand on a label is hard enough. These domain names are shortened versions of common phrases. Once you see it, it can’t be undone. A customer will remember the name for life because it’s simple and cute.

Included in the domain portfolio:

have14.usHave one for us
Just14.usJust one for us
Only14.usOnly one for us
321roi.com3:1 Return on Investment
1roi.comANY:1 Return on investment (ex 10.1roi.com)
dinnerwith.usRestaurant Food Service Product Launch
breakfastwith.us Restaurant Food Service Product Launch
nrgroi.comEnergy Return on Investment
ipbeds.comInternet Protocol Beds (Yes. It’s funny.)
Premium Domain Names available in the Portfolio

Two Domain Names that have opposing email addresses:

oddswith.usemail: UR AT Odds with us
harmonywith.usemail: B AT Harmony with us
Premium Domain Names in the subtract.us portfolio

The premium domain names have no particular purpose or intent. Any suggestions are only possibilities from one person’s limited perspective. Where the domain name seems obvious for a word, phrase, or group of words, a domain name could certainly have other unrelated uses and meanings. When the audience is the world, the scope is not limited to acronyms, rebus phrases, onomatopoeia, etc. in English, but all languages that employ similar alphabets.
See the portfolio page.