I lost 13.3 million US dollars on Shiba Inu coin.

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My own damn fault. I lost 13.3 million US dollars on Shiba Inu in the Fall of 2021. “What does this have to do with selling domain names?” It’s a paper hand move. If I could have found my customer faster, we’d both be wealthier. Details: 

Three minutes about SHIB, my customer, myself, and the numbers as they happened. The events are real. This is their story.

Subtract.us currently means what it says in means. Our customer will subtract us from the domain name market for their exclusive wish or counsel. Those rights include our customers ability to limit or expand our engagement in any way. The sale of this Premium Domain Name Portfolio is configured for that. Our customer understands.

If our customer found us when we found Shiba Inu coin, we would both be very, very happy today. 

Maybe it’s creativity or just luck. Something about the “teeth,” the mystery of Ryoshi, their pipeline, and the state of cryptocurrency made it clear. This can be on the tops of the charts, Elvis. -and an image in the mirror told me to advertise these domain names, accept Shib, and reward the customer 100% refund on their purchase.

That was August 2021.

I wasn’t first, I wasn’t smarter. I did not cheat. I am no whale. Instead of saying I lost 13.3 million dollars, It’s probably better to say I lost a dream. Where I lost it is complicated.

I spent a few hundred dollars setting up this website. Opened a coinbase account so that I could get a wallet to accept payment directly. I deposited a small amount into it, purchased Shiba Inu, and got my receive SHIB hash and QR code. With that, I made a google ad and posted my Shiba Inu payment page at Subtract.us. I prayed like Belky in the True Romance elevator scene, ”I wish that someone would just come and take me away.”

I told everyone close to me, “The number one thing I want you to do for me, is to tell anyone you know, or anyone that they know with “too much money,” to give me “too much money” for my stupid domain names. It’s SUBTRACT.US. Not .com or anything else. It’s easy to remember: SUBTRACT DOT US” 

I did a little research on Shiba Inu and love the story. Very Smart. I wanted as much SHIB as I could get. The ad and page posted on September 12, 2021. I underestimated the work. Aimed for Sep 1st, completed Sep 12.

Avg$US/SHIBSep12-Oct13: 0.00000736 with occasional dips (Yahoo Finance open simple average)

Avg$US/SHIBSep01-Sep11: 0.00000700 That cost us 5%, or $650,000 US.

Avg$US/SHIBOct 30: 0.00006800 that’s one less zero after the dot. A good thing.

The deal was simple. If SHIB reached 10 times its current value in a year, I could pay back the original dollar amount the customer paid for the domain name portfolio. If SHIB reached that before the end of 2021, maybe there would be an additional reward, but the latter part was never posted.

Full returns would be well over 13 million US dollars at the time of this writing. Verified. It’s been over 10 times valued in a most solid way. (Oct 31 2021). Lambo! House in Port Royal!

Reality? 75% of the money would have been instantly transferred to cash or some stable asset. With 25% remaining, if the currency rose as experts predicted –as it did- I’d cover the cost of the refund to my customer more than double. No Lambo, no house in Port Royal,  but maybe a nice little plot of land with a barn out West somewhere. 

No takers.

Yet? Is SHIB going to do some more 10x jumps in the next year? Experts think so. Buy this portfolio and send me to the barn. Because that’s all I really ever wanted to be: Out standing in my field.

The image in the mirror is for hire. Have your test deposits verified and let’s go live.  You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be glad that you did.

For more, call, text, or send a message. USA EST UTC/GMT-5 English

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